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Glenora, the Golden Valley, is a special  destination for many. Some stay longer than others;  fortunately this “field good” valley attracted  Farmer John and Katy, and they planted their roots and sowed their dreams in the pastoral paradise.


Seven years after Farmer John and Katy purchased Alderlea Farm, the veggie distribution barn was transformed into Alderlea Farm Café. Their love of farming and desire to share the farm food and farm experience with others inspired them to bring the farm full circle into the community with the restaurant. Farm is a verb to them. You can taste it in every bite. The food  is not only nutritious and delicious but energizes the spirit and satisfies the senses.


Farmer John and Katy believe that  the  farm destination is an opportunity to teach and influence the next generation. Farmer John is so delighted to see the children feed the cows and pigs the scraps from the Farm and Café kitchen. Happy Farmers and Café visitors Change the World with every bite. Visitors experience where the food really comes from. They share in the  biodynamic farm  bounty while contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.


Cook Katy was awarded Rural woman of the Year by the Lieutenant Governor of BC. This  Award is given to women who have made a difference and are valued members of the farming community.  Ehrlich is a farmer who "embodies the principles of sustainable food production and distribution, stewardship for the earth and building community.” She is a cook who knows how to cook real food with creativity, effort, and love, transforming the freshest organic produce and/or meat into a taste sensation. 


Farmer John started farming while completing his master’s degree in economic development. He apprenticed on five organic/ biodynamic/CSA Farms. He started his first CSA outside of Baltimore in the early ’90’s. He knew the importance of small farms in the local community. He also understood how important this was to the health of the community. This led him  to a study in health and alternative medicine, until he met and married Katy. They raised their four children while  making all their dreams come true.


Farmer John always dreamed of being a farmer but also a pizza chef. He built the wood fired pizza oven and started learning the secret to the best wood fired oven pizza in town. They are dedicated to sowing the seeds for the LOVE of good food. In Digging Dirt written by Aaron Bichard, “John and Katy Ehrlich are sowing more than just food, they are planting the seeds for a whole new way of life.”

Sound like you? Welcome!

From the Press


Read this review, then GO THERE!

I only wish I knew Anthony Bourdain so I could insist he come to Duncan for this cafe. We had roasted chicken that was fresh from the pen around the corner. It was as tender and flavorful as it gets. Sumptious mashed potatoes and a gourmet green salad all fresh from the garden, which is the backdrop to the cafe. We also had the special of the day, Holischka , which are cabbage rolls drenched in an exquisite tomato sauce and filled with a perfectly spiced ground sausage. We couldn't stop there, so we had the berry pie, locally grown mint nettle tea and Americano. We travel extensively, and I am more than excited to claim Alderlea as one of the best meals we've had anywhere ever. Period!

Emma Brown, Blogger - Oh My Goodness


Delicious farm to table fare

Alderlea cafe is a beautiful scenic cafe with the best pizza in town! We have brought friends and family here many a time because it's not only a restaurant but an experience. Also many options for vegans and vegetarians alike! John and Katy make everyone feel welcome 😀


The Food Reporter

Best country style fare

Extraordinary healthy REAL farm fresh food. Incredible deserts too. Mega selection of local wines and brewskis. Super comfortable with a European vibe...amazing location and priceless views over the valley. Family/kid friendly!


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