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"Living in challenging times, it is good to remember the value of good food and the power of stories that come from a life lived on the land. Told with lightness and passion, the book not only does this but provides the STARS technique for cooking, recipes, and how we can live on this earth. It is a restart for transformation and cooking genius."

Here in these pages one can taste the magic that emerges when a farmer and a cook, a fertile piece of land, and a community come together. Living in dangerous times we all need to remember the value of good food and the power of stories that come from a life lived fully on the land. Told with lightness and passion, and exuding with joy, this book not only provides recipes for sauerkraut

and quiche and baked beans, but for how we can live on this earth.


farmer and author of From the Good Earth, On Good

Land, Fields of Plenty, and most recently Street Farm; Growing food, jobs, and hope on

the urban frontier


I can’t think of anyone more suited to write about the ecstatic possibilities of cooking with local foods. Savour Katy Ehrlich’s book twice — once for her wise words, and again for the recipes!


editor of Small Farm Canada


Cook Katy takes us on a delicious journey into the world of farming, food, and creativity. Anyone who has eaten at Alderlea Farm Cafe knows first-hand the love, comfort and vitality that are integral to the meals served there. In this book, Katy nourishes the reader with her life-serving anecdotes, knowledge, and recipes.  It is more than a recipe book — page by page, we are invited to remember our roots, our purpose, our priorities, and to trust our senses as we create meals to sustain and delight our families and friends; which in turn, support us in giving

back to our communities.


founder and past editor of Today’s Parent, Anglican Priest


Katy’s Farmhouse Kitchen is a

cookbook full of delicious recipes, but it is so much more. This charming book is a hymn to the land and its

bounty, an introduction to biodynamic farming, a celebration of taste and cooking, and a

love story. Author Katy Ehrlich, who runs Vancouver

Island’s Alderlea Farm and Café with her husband John, shares her passion for farming, food, community and the life these two soulmates have built together.


  • Caroline Connell                                                                   Past editor of Chatelaine Magazine


Reading this Beautiful book is like a splendid trip to Alderlea Farm…the colourful characters, joyfully raised animals and the flowers, fruits and vegetables all tilled and tended to with love.  Read it and be inspired to follow your dreams like John and Katy do every single day.

Sheila Badman

Editor of Cowichan Valley Voice Magazine


I enjoyed this book very much…sincere, heart-warming and about achieving balance in life with food, farming and caring for others.  In other words: Eat, Pray, Love!

Bill  Code MD, FRCPC

best selling Canadian Author


Cook Katy is a living link between earth and table, nature and culture.  Always positive and ready to see, listen and deliciously feed everyone who walks through the Cafe doors, she is also sharp as a samurai sword in her discerning choices of ingredients, colours, flavours, and seasonal offerings.  With this book infused with love, light, and good story-telling, she offers to the wider world Farmer John’s profound and practical insights on biodynamic farming alongside her own recipes, soulful medicine and joy of living.

Astri Wright

Author, creativity mentor, gardener, professor of art history


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   How Do You Do on Alderlea Farm

Katy's new children's book is beautifully illustrated.  It is a book that will be treasured forever!

"My son asked for your book for his bedtime story tonight. We both love it. Thank you for putting beautiful pictures together with simple concepts he hears a lot about all the time (especially the compost and doo-doo parts). You've helped make his farm life seem ever more magical. Such a gift "  a.h.

This children's book connects children of all ages to the farm.

                                                $14.00 per book 

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