Seventeen years ago, Farmer John and Katy with commitment  to:  “Love well, Live well, and Eat well,” purchased the 10 acre “Farm sweet Alderlea Farm”  and started farming the land, and selling vegetables to family and friends.  Soon they rented more land and increased production to provide certified organic/biodynamic veggies to over 200 families in the Cowichan Valley, through the CSA (community supported agriculture) vegetable box program. Their  commitment to fresh, honest food begins with the toil and love of growing the  veggies and raising the animals. Once, the restaurant became so popular, they decided to grow just for the restaurant.

With the business challenges in 2020 with the COVID, Farmer John and Katy started to grow more and more.  They went right back to their roots and started a small CSA vegetable box program.  They will continue the box program in 2021 and on.  They will also continue supplying vegetables to the restaurant.

The  farm  was  originally called Alderlea Farm, which Farmer John discovered in the old farm records left by the original owners. Surprisingly enough, the town of Duncan  was originally called “Alderlea”, a name given to the area by William Chalmers Duncan, who also called his farm Alderlea in the 1870’s.


“Local” and “Organic” Doesn’t Mean It’s Sustainable 
Biodynamic, community supported agriculture (CSA) is truly sustainable, both ecologically and socially. As a shareholder at Alderlea Farm, you take an active part in the well being of your family, the community, and the world.

You Don’t Need Chemicals To Have Disease-Resistant Plants 

Biodynamic farms don’t use artificial pesticides or fertilizers, so you never have to worry about toxic chemicals in your food. Instead, we pay attention to the natural properties of the landscape and cultivate a complete, balanced ecosystem. At Alderlea Farm we find the land is happiest, healthiest, and most beautiful when we encourage its natural mix of meadow, stream and forest. Pests are less likely where there is a harmonious diversity of plants and animals.

Plug into the Universe for Abundance 

Alderlea Farm might be ecologically independent, but it couldn’t produce the way it does if it wasn’t also deeply connected to the rhythms of the natural universe. The same patterns and dynamic tensions echo from the activities of the minutest cell to the wide swing of the planets. At Alderlea Farm, we harmonize the growing processes with processes in the wider environment. And judging by the quality of the produce the earth rewards us with here, she’s ecstatic about our attention to these affairs.

Smart Soil Makes a Smart Plant 

Unfortunately, much of the produce available at the supermarket is wrung out of exhausted, abused soil. But happily, biodynamic farming methods are like medicine that heals the soil. At Alderlea Farm we prepare eight biodynamic preparations. Sprayed on the fields or applied to the compost pile, they steer processes that nourish and revitalize the earth. In a way, it’s like the soil remembers how to be soil. There’s a kind of intelligence at work! The result is that plants have great material to build themselves with—and they pass that vital dynamism onto you.

“John and Katy’s passion for biodynamic farming shapes Alderlea Farm’s approach to agriculture, business, and the community.  Biodynamic agriculture focuses on putting back what you take out, healing the land and creating a balanced and self-sufficient system .” excerpt from AgriSuccess , FCC

Alderlea Farm (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture

"The roots and seeds for Alderlea Farm Cafe."

Sign up for Alderlea Farm 2021 CSA program. Vegetables available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, until December 2021.

Pay $20 per week for a bag of abundant organic vegetables. Organic Eggs available, too.  For more information and to sign up contact @

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